Liberals ought to alter tune on single sports betting

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal federal government intends to defeat an NDP personal member’s bill to legalize single-event sports betting for Canadians.

They'll be making a huge error if they decline the costs. They will fuel illegal sports betting operations run by organized crime.

Without federal government policy, gamblers will not have the accountable gambling securities afforded by legalized sports betting.

Illegal sports betting also exposes youths to similar risks.

Lastly, the Liberals will be killing a financial advantage our border gambling establishments could have more than competitive American gambling establishments.

While doing so, we will lose on hundreds of new tasks that would otherwise be created.

(Disclosure: I currently have no clients with a financial interest in the passage of this legislation.).

In Canada, the Criminal Code today just allows wagering on the outcome of two or more sporting occasions. You can’t bet on simply one event, which is the most popular way to bet on sports.

The Canadian Gaming Association states, Canadians are wagering about $10 billion each year through unlawful bookmaking operations in Canada, generally run by the mob operations.

They approximate an added $4 billion is bet through overseas online sports wagering sites.

These bets are made with no customer security, responsible video gaming safeguards or the collection of taxes.

In 2012, the NDP sponsored a private member s expense to enable single sport gambling in Canada. Regardless of the reality it was authorized by all political parties and supported by the 9 Canadian provinces with gambling establishments, the Senate stalled the legislation till the 2015 basic election was called, which eliminated the costs.

This spring, the NDP re-introduced the costs and asked that it be sent out to the Commons justice committee for research and examination.

It was discussed in Parliament last Thursday night and was arranged for a vote on Wednesday, other than the House has risen for summertime break. The Liberals are now poised to defeat it next September before the justice committee can think about the benefits and drawbacks of the legislation.

The reason is that a variety of Liberals now oppose the bill. They say they don t think that problem gambling, or unlawful sports betting, will be hindered by legislating single sports betting and that significant sports leagues are opposed to the proposed law.

These are lame excuses. Problem gamblers can just be assisted through a strong, regulated gambling system that provides resources to assist them handle their addiction. This legislation does that.

Illegal sports betting prospers because individuals do not have any alternative. Canadians will alter their behavior with time if given a legal option to prohibited gambling sites.

If the Liberals can make this argument about pot that legalization and regulation avoids abuse and keeps it out of the hands of youths - then the very same should use to legalized single sport gambling.

Lastly, as the NHL will reveal a brand-new franchise for Las Vegas a city with legal and regulated single occasion sports wagering Liberal opposition to the expense is particularly unreasonable.

The NBA, Canadian Soccer Association and the International Olympic Committee have all supported regulated sports betting because it helps make sure the stability of the sport.

For the safety of issue gamblers and for the financial advancement of our casino communities, I hope the Liberals will have a change of mind over the summer season and support the NDP’s Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act.

Betting on simulcast horse, canine racing expanding in Iowa

The sights of glowing pedigreed horses with roaring hooves galloping to the goal are pertaining to a few of Iowa's casinos: Three are preparing off-track betting centers.

West Des Moines-based Wild Rose Casinos is the first Iowa gambling company planning to take advantage of a 2014 state law that permits banking on video simulcasts of horse and pet dog races at gambling establishments that do not offer live racing. The company means to provide racing wagers at its casinos in Jefferson, Emmetsburg and Clinton via satellite feeds.

"We think it would be cool to have this in for the Breeders' Cup," an annual series of races that will be run in early November at Santa Anita Park in California, stated Tom Timmons, president and chief operating officer of Wild Rose Casinos. "Otherwise, we will at least get it in by the Kentucky Derby" next spring, he added. "Everybody is a race fan on Derby day."

The racing "deal with," representing the amount of money wagered for simulcast races, completed about $23.5 million at state-regulated tracks in 2015, according to the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

The only Iowa gambling operations that provide betting on simulcasts of horse and pet dog races from outdoors tracks are Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino in Altoona and Iowa Greyhound Park in Dubuque, along with Meskwaki Bingo Casino Hotel at Tama. The Meskwaki casino, which is controlled by a tribal video gaming commission, has long been permitted to offer off-track wagering under arrangements of the federal Indian Gaming Regulatory Act.

The Iowa Legislature concurred 2 years ago to enable state-regulated casinos that do not offer live racing to take bets on simulcasts of horse and pet races as part of a wider expense that allowed the state's greyhound tracks to stop providing live racing. The simulcasts will be offered through a center hosted by the Iowa Greyhound Association, which is operating the Dubuque pet dog track. Iowa's just other current greyhound track, Bluffs Run in Council Bluffs, closed down in December.

Wes Ehrecke, president of the Iowa Gaming Association, which represents the state's 19 commercial casinos, said he hasn't become aware of other Iowa casinos making comparable plans.

However, "it is not impossible that there will be others as they see one gaming company getting active with it," Ehrecke included.

The greyhound association will receive a share of the earnings, stated Brian Ohorilko, administrator of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission.

"I believe there will be some interest by centers in this as long as it is a break-even proposition, or maybe to make a little money, simply to have another choice to offer their gamers," Ohorilko said.

Timmons, of Wild Rose Casinos, said racing bets can be accepted anywhere on the casino property, not simply on the gambling floor. He anticipates that the Jefferson casino, for example, will offer simulcasts in the Coaches Corner dining establishment.

Gary Palmer, president and chief executive officer of Prairie Meadows, said he has no objections to having gamblers positioning bets on Prairie Meadows' horse races while they visit other Iowa gambling establishments. He noted that Iowa gamblers can currently legally location bets on Prairie Meadows' live races using their mobile phones, tablets or other digital devices.

"If individuals desire it and they pay the costs, then there isn't any problem," Palmer stated. "I don't see any drawback to it."

See more online gambling sites.

NHL players on Vegas growth, gambling, nightlife distractions

LAS VEGAS There's some mystery, allure and enjoyment from NHL players about how a potential new Las Vegas group may work.

It’s the entertainment capital of the world, said San Jose Sharks defenseman Brent Burns. You take a look around the structures and the dining establishments and driving around it’s a lot of individuals everyone’s looking to enjoy. Hockey’s         a great time. Should be a great fit.

With the league's Board of Governors expected to vote on growth into this market on Wednesday, much of the chatter Tuesday during NHL Awards media accessibility had less to do with the trophies to be given out Wednesday night's show.

It mainly related to the buzz of a brand-new group entering the NHL in a market that s never had a major professional sport.

I think we’re looking forward to it to see how everything unfolds, Boston Bruins center Patrice Bergeron stated. It’s certainly a fun city and there’s lots to do.".

This was the 2nd straight year growth into Vegas dominated the chatter around the awards, however this year there was more legitimacy to it because it's so near becoming a reality. Last season the league announced it would begin the expansion procedure. This year may complete it with Vegas becoming the NHL's 31st franchise.

Growth news modifies any league’s landscape, but Las Vegas makes a larger splash. It’s a gambling mecca.

We asked several gamers what instantly came to mind when they heard Las Vegas, and follow-ups on the interruptions this city might provide.

Jamie Benn, Dallas Stars.

Amazing. This is a great city, an interesting city. If you’re coming here for a go to or a hockey video game,it’s fun to be a part of.

Will it be hard to play with all the night life interruptions?

We’re here to do a job which s to win a hockey game. We’re all adults, we’re all experts and there’s one job. It’s not to come in here and lose focus. It’s to come in here and win a hockey game.

Patrice Bergeron, Boston Bruins.

Hockey no I think it’s simply clearly it’s a city that’s full of diversity and activities and things to do and a crazy city if you wish to put it that way. I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s going to exercise.

Are you stressed over distractions?

I think we’re looking forward to it to see how everything unfolds. It’s definitely a fun city and there’s lots to do, however diversion becomes part of the city so you need to be focused and wise, but I’ve talked with a few employees and local individuals the other day and they appear really excited about having a team here. It’s their very first expert group so by us getting in first may be a wise move and hopefully it is.

Matt Martin, New York Islanders.

I consider Vegas as an extremely fun place. It’s vibrant. It’s a lot like New York in a lot of ways where there’s always something going on. There’s always a buzz around. I’ve never ever been here in the winter season, but it’s an enjoyable location to come to. Everybody speak about the night life and cool parties, however there are a great deal of great shows, a lot of great dining establishments like Britney Spears, which we went to the other day. There’s a lot of excellent things to do and it’s not all partying, it’s not all I believe every time you consider Vegas you think of bachelor parties and partying all night but it’s not the case. There’s excellent things to do in the city and I believe it’s a great thing for the NHL to be a part of.".

There’s always talk of casinos here and frets with professional athletes, but really there are gambling location on a great deal of NHL journey, right?

It’s not going to be celebration main every time we come here. There are a lot of things we can do that were to include going out every night. There’s Celine Dion, there’s Broadway programs.

Frederik Andersen, Toronto Maple Leafs.

Gambling. I guess that’s the very first word I guess. It’s a various city that’s for sure. You walk the big hotels and sounds all over. There’s always something going on no matter what time it is.

New York city is close however it’s not the very same kind of vibe I believe. It’s just generally Times Square. That’s the only part that s comparable.

Is all the gambling around you worrisome?

It’s in your face all the time. I don t get to a point where it starts to take control. That’s where you can get in trouble fast.

Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks.

Usually I would probably think of our yearly trip with our team. We come here for a few days during the weather. It’s a method to obtain away from the game for a few nights and a few days. Type of take pleasure in some group bonding, most likely the very first thing I consider.

Shea Weber, Nashville Predators.

Gambling? I don t understand. Casinos?

There’s distractions in every city and in Nashville there’s diversions for the opposing groups. However, if you go to Dallas, LA, you go to all these other cities. There’s interruptions anywhere you go. Individuals are specialists and I don t believe it’s going to be any different or be pulling people any harder in other city.

It’s a hard video game now. You can’t do anything that’s going to cost your or cost your colleagues.

Is anybody on the Preds a fan of Celine Dion or Britney Spears?

I’m sure we do, but I wear t think they’re going to confess.